Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm speechless. "Time for tights. Cool spring outfit." Really? I'm swooning over the horrible copy on their website and the overall horrible idea of pantyhose for men. It gives a whole new level to dbaggery.


  1. Jennifer,
    Agreed that the e-MANcipate site isn't doing wonders for advocating the growing men's legwear trend. However, there ARE increasing numbers of otherwise regular guys wearing sheer or opaque tights these days. I work for ActivSkin Legwear for Men (www.activskin.com), and have been working to publicize the practical benefits of hosiery for leg support or warmth-without-bulk, and it's been resonating with a growing number of guys who buy from us.

    You can see more about it on my blog, The Nylon Gene (www.nylongene.com). We understand that legwear as a fashion trend isn't going to get much traction. But for the many guys who have chronic leg pains and/or work in occupations that require lots of standing, or time behind the wheel, the legwear makes a big difference for them.

    Try to give it a fair look, w/o all the patterned tights images, etc.

  2. It's a bit unfair to judge any trend in men wearing tights by the rather extreme (for want of a better word) example of emancipate. This certainly does not reflect most of those who wear for warmth without bulk, who do not want to look like a pansy prancing around.

  3. To each his own. But I think something we can all agree on is...camo-printed pantyhose for women OR men is wrong.